It’s not what it sounds like…it’s what it is.

When I think back to life in Corporate America, I remember all of the times people discuss long hours spent working and early morning calls. Another person would chime in about even longer hours. Though the spirit was often one of complaint, it became a bit like a game. Each person was trying to show how much more dedicated they were. Behind all of the talk, I had the sense that people felt it sounded good to talk about how hard they were working.

Ok, who am I kidding?! I participated in this madness too. haha! If I was going to put in the painful hours, they only counted if someone knew about them, right?!

Beneath our discussions, a sad story was playing out. It was a story that hid the reality of lost time with friends and family, skipped meals, broken marriages and pointless stress. We avoided thinking and talking about what it really was. Somehow I’d convinced myself that it was up to me to save the ship (my former places of employment). Education and so-called leadership training never tells you that if you attach your anchor to a sinking ship, you’ll go down too.

Those fortunate enough to have achieved a positive work/life balance have cracked a hidden code. I found that I needed to break free of the matrix entirely. I needed to give up the idea that one always must be busy doing something. I had to stop thinking that life centers around achievement.

when tired sleep.

when hungry eat.

chop wood. 

carry water.

Job titles, salaries, awards, recognition, and fame can easily become weights. Chasing after what sounds good can leave you depleted and empty. And for what purpose? So others can be impressed with you or your achievements? Does this really matter?

How often do we dress up the truth to make another person feel we have a perfect life? How often do we put on layers like a mask to present an image that isn’t real. Why in the world do we care so much about what other people think?

When we strip down what sounds and looks good, we hit the truth. And that truth is Art. Only the truth can be inspiring. Being confident in your truth is the greatest freedom. By being confident in this reality, we become free. When you discover your Art and share it confidently, others become inspired to be free too.

Move beyond what it looks and sounds like to discover what it really is. Your freedom is dependent on what you decide to do with that truth. 





Photo source: Freedom