This May, I traveled to Lisbon to meet with a Zen Master named Mooji. I have been meaning to write about this experience, but I confess…finishing my novel has gotten in the way of that. However, today, one of my cousins asked me to explain, “…what is Mooji is to [me],” and so now seemed like a good time to write this post :)

Firstly, I would have to say that I don’t buy into the concept of having a personal “Guru” or “Master”…but if we were to take Guru as it’s original meaning of teacher, I must say that Mooji was a most profound teacher. During my 5 day intensive with him, and others from around the world, in Lisbon, I had new revelations about my True Self and the true meaning of Awareness. I think perhaps it happens when we are on a spiritual quest to freedom that we are lucky enough to encounter beings like Mooji who help point us on the way. (This video from Alan Watts happened to be shared on Facebook just after I met Mooji and it resonated with me…you can click here to watch it, but I think I will also be giving it its own post.)

When I embraced Mooji, I felt a profound feeling of emptiness and fullness. As if I’d come in touch with a light that totally dimmed out everything else. Even before I met him, I felt this sense of joy that I can’t describe, but I appreciate the image I used for the header because I think my smile shows it.

I guess I’d say that meeting Mooji was like encountering myself without barriers. He is an amazing being and I encourage everyone I know to search him on YouTube and watch any video you find of him. I think you’ll find that something he says will resonate with you. Mooji is like that <3



And when I gave him my book, Meditative Questions, he was so gracious and kind that giving him a gift felt like a gift! What a presence he has! I am so thankful for the opportunity of knowing him and meeting him.



Here is a Mooji video that I picked at random that you might enjoy ;)