Not to forgive is to be imprisoned by the past, by old grievances that do not permit life to proceed with new business.    ~ Robin Casarjian

I’ve always loved water. I find it calming, beautiful, and powerful. Water’s power lies in its ability to patiently wear down anything and wash away everything. Given enough time, water will turn the sharpest rock into a smooth pebble. Water feeds the earth (rain) and washes it away (flood). Water is always changing…one can never step into the same river twice.

Water is my favorite element, and I could probably go on for some time about all of its qualities, but today I invite you to reflect with me on water’s constantly changing nature. Water that’s stagnant becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. It is not the true nature of water to be stagnant…it is meant to move. Even a lake that looks still on the surface has an undercurrent of energy and movement that we just can’t see.

When we choose to be stagnant, and unwilling to flow with nature, we lay the groundwork for illness. When we choose not to forgive, we become stuck…stagnant. We create a prison for ourselves where we suffer…and through our suffering, make others suffer as well. Without intending to, we extend our original suffering to others and continue the vicious cycle. We learn what we live, and often repeat the same actions that caused us so much pain. Forgiveness is the only key out of this prison…it is the only way to stop this cycle. (Healing with Truth)

When we become like water, we flow through life…we forgive others (even when we don’t understand why they made us suffer, we understand it is because they are suffering and truly need help: Peace). We bring life to the earth with our renewing smiles and positive attitude and our willingness to share our gifts. And we recognize that everything changes…we learn to let go and move on. In so doing, we demonstrate beauty, strength, and peace.

Water teaches us how, but remember…forgiveness is for you.

Photo source: beautiful water
Quote source: Cool quotes