Yesterday, my place was being repainted so I decided to go on a road trip around part of my island. It had been a while since I’d done this and I was overdue for this time deep in nature. The views were stunning and I was happy to be away from the paint smell (and chaos haha).

After I returned home, I cleaned up a bit and walked outside to throw away garbage (in the dumpster). As I did this, I saw the sweeping ocean and mountain views that make up my neighborhood and I was reminded again of my great fortune. I also had this thought that one day I was going to look back on my time on this island and think those were the best times.

So often I think we get caught up in the destination. We think: When I get there, everything will be okay. But the reality is that there is never any there…there is only here, and there is only now. And “the now” manifests in different and unexpected ways as we move forward.

Even in the midst of difficulty, I think we have to find a way to recognize that now is the best time. We must find gratitude for something until we experience gratitude for everything. Even the difficulties are meant to assist in your transformation and return to Source.

As you pause throughout the day, develop the habit of simply saying thank you…to yourself and to the Universe for everything. Recently, I’ve found myself saying thank you three times before bed and three times in the morning and it’s a beautiful feeling.

There is so much to be thankful for. As gratitude fills you, I think you’ll find that your worries will diminish. As always, I wish you peace and love…and I’m sending you love and light! <3


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Photo source: My unofficial pick for “About the Author” photo for book 3 ;) Taken here in Cabo Verde, on my beautiful island…Santo Antao :)