While it is very easy to get caught up in “what if” scenarios, there is only ever one decision in front of you at a time. And we can only ever make the best decision at the time with the information that we have.

In this regard, I think regret is largely shaped because we know that in those decisions (that we later came to regret), we ignored our intuition. We didn’t listen to our spirit. But this can be easy to do because the spirit comes to us as a whisper. Doubt, public opinion, fear, and insecurity shout at us.

It is for this reason that I came to realize that it is better for me to make big decisions with significant time and space. That may even mean being far away from the person, place, or situation I am considering.

But, whatever it is that you are working through, be gentle with yourself; recognize that you have only one decision in front of you; give yourself time and space to consider that decision; and, most importantly, listen to your spirit.




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