Even when the familiar is not good for us, it can become comfortable simply because it is a known quantity (the unknown somehow seems scarier). We somehow adapt and learn to live in dysfunction. But this can only happen when we have an unclear vision of who we really are.

I believe that we are all stars…made of stardust…with the glorious and divine light of our Creator within, causing us to shine. But when we don’t know this light within, we stumble in darkness and confusion. We cover our own shine with layers of insecurity and doubt.

because you would not save yourself,

the universe intervened 

When we are not quite ready to save ourselves — because we do not yet know the Light of our being — sometimes we are gifted a circumstance or situation that is much like being given the key to unlock your prison cell. We realize this is not what we really want and we have a chance to free ourselves.

But you have a choice: do you try to stay because you are accustomed to your limited life? Or do you take a chance to rebuild and shape the life you only dreamed of?

Starting over can be uncomfortable, at first. All of a sudden, you have an opportunity to focus all of your energy on yourself, but your mind desperately tries to cling to the past. You somehow still have hope that you can fix that broken situation…but you know better. You’ve already tried that a million times. You try to convince yourself that you were happy there, but you know you weren’t.

Don’t look back…you are not going that way.

At first it is hard to comprehend the reality that you will be happy again. The feeling of loss can be consuming. But you must recognize that what you are really losing by leaving a dysfunctional situation is fear, stress, and unhappiness. What this new start is opening you up for is love, peace, and freedom. And this happens when you love yourself enough to know that this dysfunction is not life. It happens when you recognize that you are too precious to ever suffer. You understand that you are the very heartbeat of God.

So everyday, I’d love for you to recognize your beauty and your divine gifts and find three things that you love about yourself. Then add three things that you’re grateful for. And then tell yourself that you love YOU! Hold yourself if you must, but know that you are enough. Put your health and happiness first, surround yourself with only love and positivity, and watch yourself transform magically. You will become whole (you are already perfect and whole as you are, you just have to see it too!), even though you may now feel like you are permanently broken (you are not!).

And whole people change the world simply because they have changed themselves (through loving themselves). So don’t have fear of the unknown. Don’t worry about giving up what you now think is comfortable. You know there is more out there for you. You know that you don’t want to suffer anymore. You know that you don’t want to live a life of limitation.You are a divine creation and unique emination of God. You are beautiful, brilliant, kind, compassionate, and deserving of every good thing. You do not deserve some kind of karmic punishment for wrongs you think you’ve committed. That has already been forgiven. God is for you, the Universe is for you, and everything is happening for your highest good. These circumstances and situations are enabling your evolution, you must simply choose to rise.

All that you must do now is lay down your burdens and take flight, love. And never let anyone or anything try to pull you back down ;)


For my Lex  <3