gender equality

For thousands of years what man has done to woman is simply monstrous. She cannot think of herself as equal to man. And she has been conditioned so deeply that if you say she is equal, she is not going to believe it. It has become almost her mind, the conditioning has become her mind, that she is less in everything…physical strength, intellectual qualities.

Man has crippled woman. It is politics. Woman constitutes half of humanity, and man has no right to completely cripple her, but for centuries he has been crippling her.

He has not allowed her education, he has not allowed her even to listen to the holy scripture. In many religions he has not allowed her to enter the temple; or, if he has allowed her, she has a separate section. She cannot stand with the man as equal even before God.

And the man who has reduced the woman to such a state also cannot love her. Love can only exist in equality, in friendship.


OSHO [1931-1990], is among my favorite mystics. Born in India, Osho’s teachings [many of which have been transcribed into books] span from spiritual to political. With an ability to add insight [and often humor] to some of the most pressing issues of our day, Osho quietly inspires by creating a paradigm shift in long held beliefs and thoughts. I recommend all of his books, particularly Tao: The Pathless Path and Everyday Osho. Click here to view books by Osho.