It is said that in a great storm, the wise bird returns to her nest and waits patiently.

So often, we feel pressure (internal and/or external) to meet a deadline or make things happen immediately. We may force things together that don’t fit or rudely cut someone off in our rush to go there and do that. When we hit stormy times in our lives, it is actually most important to slow things down.

The reality is that our impatience can make a good thing bad or a bad thing worse. There are times when we aren’t meant to do anything but pray, rest, and relax. The anxiety we cause ourselves by trying to control the future is destructive. We need to calm ourselves down!

Gaining some perspective on the situation will allow us to understand that it really isn’t that big of a deal and in time we will sort it out. Give the answers a chance to come to you. And realize that chatting up a stranger for 2 minutes of your life (instead of constantly checking your phone) can lead to new knowledge and connections which may help to solve your issue.

So, count to 10 when you feel yourself losing your patience and relax! Life is too short to get caught up in every storm. Sometimes, you have to step back and realize how beautiful it is…and have faith that things are coming together for the highest good. Even if you don’t see it yet, clouds eventually clear :)


Photo source: supercell thunderstorm (Montana)