One of the greatest revelations I learned from being around a Zen master is the concept of being stuck in personhood. That is the drama of everyday life we feel when we become attached.

Spiritual freedom, to me, is the understanding that we are beyond this personhood. The paradox is that we are also at the root of it.

When I feel myself getting emotionally attached to things, I sometimes have difficulty resisting the urge to run away from it all. I feel that it’s not real and too real…why is that?

There are times that I want to be in the mountains all alone…and others that I want to be in the middle of a busy city surrounded by thousands. My affinity for these extremes is maddening.

In the end of all of my contemplations, I am left with the feeling that I am everywhere and nowhere. Perhaps this is what the journey to freedom is supposed to feel like…



Photo source: An appropriate night for anything