As I near the end of the third season of my podcast, “Live Free with Selena Sage,” (available here) there is a feeling of amazement that one idea has become almost 150 episodes!

But before launching into thoughts, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and others around the world who have pressed play thousands of times and continued to support my little podcast! Your kind messages, excellent questions, and positive vibrations have served as wonderful encouragement for me to continue to press record ;) I also have tremendous gratitude for everyone who recommended that I host a podcast! All of those shared ideas were seeds that, once watered, became the podcast. Thank you!

As I think back on all of the seasons, it is even hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that I’ve created so many episodes in one year! Wow! Haha Though I have a lot of opinions about a lot of things (haha), I did not think I had so much to say about nothing haha!

Understanding our true state as actually being no-thing is simple enough to recognize from experience, but harder to believe and live this truth.

It is for that reason, I think, that the podcast became a mixture of spiritual pointings from great masters and practical advice to live a more peaceful life. Once our lives feel more peaceful and balanced, the leap to ultimate freedom does not seem so great.

As a counter-point, the leap from a chaotic state of mind to no-mind might seem impossible! But in fact, if we come to recognize that this chaos was created by the mind to anchor us in this human experience, automatically distracting us from our true nature as no-mind, it becomes easier to unravel.

For me, the podcast has been an experience in the art of saying something when there is really nothing to say! haha All of the great masters advise keeping quiet about these great truths, and I believe it is because a lack of perfect understanding and embodiment can cause confusion in one’s self and others.

While I make no claim to perfection, and freely voice my own growth on the podcast, it is my hope that the messages on the podcast inspire rather than confuse, and delight rather than depress :)

“Live Free with Selena Sage” was born out of exhaustion from the negativity that seems to be present in every media outlet; and hope that sharing messages from masters might inspire others during a time that has felt (to many) more uncertain than ever.

Recording these talks continues to inspire me to read great spiritual texts and wisdom from the masters to find those messages that make me do a double-take and read again and again. Those are the messages that I feel inspired to share with you, those are the messages I’m inspired to try to further illuminate.

I always tell myself that I will take a big break between seasons to focus on whatever other creative projects I have brewing, or to simply rest…it will be interesting to see if that really happens after season 3! Haha I will have to wait and see, too! Haha A few of you have recommended that I start reading bedtime stories for the “Calm” app hahaha! Maybe this is also another idea for a new season haha ;)

Thanks again for your loving-kindness and support.


Photo: Sharing a few views from a visit to Sinagoga Beach…one of my favorite places on the island! (Here in Santo Antão, Cabo Verde)