To the ordinary person, the body of humanity seems vast.

In truth, it is neither bigger nor smaller than anything else.

To the ordinary person, there are others whose awareness needs raising.

In truth, there is no self, and no other.

To the ordinary person, the temple is sacred and the field is not.

This, too, is dualism which runs counter to the truth.

Those who are highly evolved maintain an undiscriminating perception.

Seeing everything, labeling nothing, they maintain their awareness of the Great Oneness.

Thus they are supported by it.

-The teachings of Lao Tzu


This is a powerful teaching. I have to admit that everything hit home…except, “To the ordinary person, there are others whose awareness needs raising.” But amazingly, the next line, “In truth, there is no self, and no other” resonated with me. How could I believe on the one hand that there is no self, and no other…but find myself feeling that some (particularly those who harm others, especially children) need to raise their awareness?

I believe in the Great Oneness. And I find myself in others more and more. I find that others represent different parts of me. Even parts I don’t know (or would never want to) exist. And perhaps the point is that we are not meant to change those other parts of ourselves that are meant to be as they are.

I believe that everything is relative…and no one can really say what is right or wrong or what is good or bad. However, I think that there are those who are meant to help us raise our awareness of the Oneness our true Self knows is inside. Mandela reminded all that people are equal regardless of the color of their skin. Malala is reminding us that we are equal regardless of our gender.

From my perspective (which could be right…and could be wrong), I see it as a process of waking each other (and ourselves) up to what’s really real. To remind ourselves that the temple is as sacred as the field. To move past the illusions and tempting poisonous distractions to see true beauty. And true love. And then live life embracing it all :)

(With no labels ;)

Photo source: Harvest by Stefan Andronache