DEAR SAGE: I have a simple question for you: How do I heal my mind?

DEAR SEEKER: I am so happy that I took a few moments to read through my mailbox and find your question! We had a steady stream of advice requests earlier this year, but then a drought… The drought came when I had less free time (these things always happen for a reason!), but I’m glad that you brought me back :) Thank you for your very deep inquiry…let’s see how we can explore this one!

First, I believe the first rule of healing is to realize that you are not broken. You are perfect as you are and the worrying and weariness in your mind is not real. It is created. By you.

So, without knowing the cause of your hurt (and I don’t really need to know), I can only suggest that you start by not believing everything you think. Imagine your life as a clean slate where you stop bringing the baggage of the past and future along with you. Just relax and truly understand that your worrying and stress and pain are just an illusion.

You may heal yourself through meditation, healthy consumption (mind/body/spirit), and through finding comfort in the beauty of nature. It will serve as a reminder that there is a bigger force in operation and everything is not on your shoulders alone. Use whatever positive means you can to constantly refocus your mind on the present and resist the urge to let your mind wander. That is the true path to peace.

YOU are in control of your thoughts. You have all you need to focus on the beautiful present. You are a star and are a heavenly being that has no need to worry! All will be well.

Love and light,

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