It was my sincere honor to be present in Houston, Texas for the She Did That! event celebrating African-American women entrepreneurs this past week. I met so many incredible women, and I loved being surrounded by such incredible Art at the amazing Houston Museum of African-American Culture (HMAAC)! That my books could be among such incredible paintings and photographs was simply beautiful…especially because I tend to think of my books as more Art than books haha

Being at the event also caused me to remember the fact that I’m actually an entrepreneur! Haha I sometimes forget that my publishing company, ZenTao Books, is an actual entity because it actually just feels like an extension of myself. After I wrote my first book, I did not imagine that I’d be releasing a book every two years after that (2015, 2017, 2019)! And given the realities of supporting the design and publishing costs, I’m being pulled into a broader vision.

As I work through the details of that vision, I know that a capable team is forming as well, and I’m excited for new possibilities to continue sharing my Art! ;)

I am so thankful!




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