Get Free: 7 Simple Steps to Free Your Mind & Live Your Dreams is now available! (Details: here)

Launching a new book is exciting and overwhelming! There are so many details to consider, websites to update, and outlets to market to. Sometimes it seems that the tasks will never be done! But step-by-step, and bit-by-bit, everything gets done through determined persistence.

There are endless ways to launch a book, but I find that I’m forced to just do what I can—simply to get it done. The perfectionist in me is forced to take a back seat to allow progress to be made. I recognize that by putting the book out there, the opportunities will show up at the right time.

Get Free was designed to be a transformational tool to examine your own life and prioritize your dreams. Through sharing brief stories from my own journey (from corporate life to an island in Africa!), and exercises for completion, Get Free invites the reader to take the spark of inspiration from each step and apply it to their life.

Get Free will make you think, and you’ll get from this book what you give to it. I wish you freedom, peace, and joy…and I thank you for your support! <3

Get Free eBook in pdf format is available here.

Get Free paperback version is available through here.



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