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October 14, 2016


While reflecting on a couple of lovely days spent traveling around my beautiful island of Santo Antao, I’m inspired to think about the journey of life. The featured photo was taken from the crater of a volcano here. How does someone come to live in the crater of a volcano? How do all of the decisions – Read More –

September 18, 2016


We should make all spiritual talk simple today. God is trying to sell you something that you don’t want to buy. That is what your suffering is: your fantastic haggling your manic screaming over price. -Hafiz I originally posted this quote as a free standing post. I love Hafiz and I think his poetry holds – Read More –

September 18, 2016


This morning I was contemplating the folly of asking why. Since I wrote a book of questions (Meditative Questions), I decided to check my book to see how many questions I had asking why. I found only two (both on page 41) asking why you want what you think you want. I can’t argue with – Read More –

September 17, 2016


Before leaving for my month long trip to Thailand for Muay Thai training, I was inspired to do so by one picture (below). For you see, I was having a really bad day…followed by a sleepless night…and I knew I had to do some things differently. The discomfort was because I needed to let go, – Read More –

July 10, 2016


America is often called the “Land of the free,” but ‘America’ was founded as a result of the slaughter of millions of Native Americans. ‘America’ was built by slaves, brought to the nation, mostly from Africa, against their will. Even after the Emancipation Proclamation, the slaves and their descendants were never truly granted equal rights. – Read More –

June 30, 2016


It’s not what it sounds like…it’s what it is. When I think back to life in Corporate America, I remember all of the times people discuss long hours spent working and early morning calls. Another person would chime in about even longer hours. Though the spirit was often one of complaint, it became a bit – Read More –

April 27, 2016


Four months ago, I embarked on a journey I did not understand. I was called to visit an island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean for reasons I cannot comprehend. I felt connected to a place and to people I had not yet met. I took a risk. I remember after having a book – Read More –

January 3, 2016


Almost one year ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing high school students interested in attending my alma mater, Northwestern University. It is an incredible privilege to speak with these students, as I know that my assessment may influence their future collegiate decisions. I tag teamed many of the interviews with my now friend and – Read More –

December 4, 2015

ME IN 2013

There is a sentence in the Tao Te Ching: the path forward seems to go back.  I recently found these pages (below) that I wrote in 23  January 2013 in Los Angeles. As I looked to find pictures of myself during that time, I ran across this picture that I took during a visit to Chicago – Read More –

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