July 14, 2017


This May, I traveled to Lisbon to meet with a Zen Master named Mooji. I have been meaning to write about this experience, but I confess…finishing my novel has gotten in the way of that. However, today, one of my cousins asked me to explain, “…what is Mooji is to [me],” and so now seemed – Read More –

July 12, 2017


I believe in the Infinite. I don’t particularly like to think about limits, as I believe we are limitless. However, I do believe that our body forms are limiting. It is the reason that we must take time out to rest and relax as our cells recharge. The Source that charges us is unlimited. But the reality – Read More –

July 7, 2017


With only a few days notice, so many beautiful beings came to share in the talk at Langston Hughes’ House in Harlem! The light was just incredible. I am so thankful for the positive vibes, engaging conversation, and inspiration. What a night! I remain thankful. Love!

February 18, 2017


Even when the familiar is not good for us, it can become comfortable simply because it is a known quantity (the unknown somehow seems scarier). We somehow adapt and learn to live in dysfunction. But this can only happen when we have an unclear vision of who we really are. I believe that we are – Read More –

January 14, 2017


So often when we think of freedom, we think of the ability to do what we want when we want. This is one definition, but I find that internal traps that we create for ourselves can prevent us from getting to that point. As I think of freedom now, I think of: – Freedom from – Read More –

December 14, 2016


In the midst of transition, my engineering side comes out. I tend to focus on process and practicality…and I sometimes unknowningly limit my own perception about what’s possible. (Love and abundance is everywhere, except where it is being suppressed by limited perception.) When I attended Agape Spiritual Center last weekend here in LA, I was reminded – Read More –

August 9, 2016


Dear Mom, I love how you read my website and maintain connection over the time zones and oceans. I want you to know that in my blog, I channel messages I feel inspired to share. The mesages may be about something I’ve experienced (past or present) and processed through a different lens…or it could be – Read More –

June 4, 2016


Life is fleeting, and sometimes it seems that there is no end to worries. Every small thing becomes big and we somehow put off feeling happy until some later date … or until we achieve some future accomplishment. But this is not life. This is simply a cycle of suffering. In those fruitless moments of – Read More –

January 1, 2016


I once read that forgiveness is not simply about accepting what has happened…forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different. This resonated with me because some situations are too horrible to simply accept. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot be free to move on. That situation may propel – Read More –

December 4, 2015


In 25 magical minutes, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith (Agape International Center in the City of Angels) describes the four stages of spiritual unfoldment: 1. Victimhood — where you are not touching reality, but rather you’re touching your thoughts about reality 2. Manifestation of visioning — where you do not describe what you see, you see – Read More –

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