December 4, 2015


In 25 magical minutes, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith (Agape International Center in the City of Angels) describes the four stages of spiritual unfoldment: 1. Victimhood — where you are not touching reality, but rather you’re touching your thoughts about reality 2. Manifestation of visioning — where you do not describe what you see, you see – Read More –

May 30, 2015


Defense is the first act of war.  Byron Katie shared this wisdom and I think it’s true. As soon as we become defensive, it seems that we invite conflict. I find that I have these moments when I try to create boundaries.  Now if I was being like water and letting things flow naturally, this – Read More –

March 20, 2015


During my time in Singapore, my new friend Xavier (Chief Concierge at the Sofitel) encouraged me to experience life as a native Singaporean would. Since I’d visited all of the main sites of the city during previous trips, I thought it was an excellent idea. As a Singaporean would, I took the MRT subway (very – Read More –

March 13, 2015


As I travel about the world, I feel it is becoming difficult to catch my breath! Even now, I am writing this post while on my way back to Narita airport after one night in Tokyo. Next I will be in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Whew! :) The opportunity to see so many places, and meet – Read More –

February 15, 2015


There are three types of people in the world: One who is like carving on a rock, one who is like scratching on the ground, and one who is like writing on the water. What sort of person is like carving on a rock? Imagine a certain person who is always getting angry and his – Read More –

January 24, 2015


Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) was a phenomenal artist, known for utilizing Ben-Day dots — rendered by hand using paint and stencils — to create art that has always reminded me of comic book images come to life. I previously featured another of Roy’s works within the post entitled NO ONE AS BAD AS YOU ;) As it sometimes happens, I – Read More –

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