In 25 magical minutes, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith (Agape International Center in the City of Angels) describes the four stages of spiritual unfoldment:

1. Victimhood — where you are not touching reality, but rather you’re touching your thoughts about reality

2. Manifestation of visioning — where you do not describe what you see, you see what you describe

3. Being a CHANNEL — we are surrendering to the potential that is within our own soul that wants to unfold

4. Being ONE with the Presence — where the sense of separation dissolves

Around the 15 minute mark, he also describes the wave as a unique manifestation of the ocean which hit the core of the Meditative Question: “Is the wave a part of the ocean?” ;)


Importantly, Michael discusses how we must embrace forgiveness (16:40 mark), as all forgiveness is self-forgiveness. He shares, “If I am hanging on to resentment, if I’m hanging on to animosity, if I’m hanging on to hate…those thoughts are replicating themselves according to that frequency….and I am hanging on to that experience long after it has gone. AND the lack of forgiveness is one of the highest forms of self-abuse because I’m saying to the Universe, ‘Hit me again! Bring this experience again…I want more of this!’

So [by] hanging-on to the unforgiveness I’m abusing myself. I’m not hurting any individuals that may have said something bad about me or done something destructively. All that I’m doing is constantly circulating through my mind — ultimately my emotional body, my mental body, and my physical body  — toxic chemicals that are a direct result of those particular thoughts. I am abusing myself. So in order to move out of victimhood, we embrace forgiveness. And not just one time. We’re talking about a way of life…every single night perhaps as you go to bed, you scan your life and you begin to notice if there is any animosity or resentment that has begun to seep in. And you become to dissolve it through your inner act of forgiveness so that you can go to bed and wake up clean…so that you, as a pristine expression of the Infinite, are not pulling around your past like a carcass. You are stepping into the awareness of every single day. This is an ADVENTURE! This incarnation is a Super Soul Session!”

As we move forward through the stages, we ultimately give up the sense of separation from Life, Love, and God. The Presence is HERE. And YOU get to participate in your own unfolding. So just ask yourself, how can I bring Heaven to Earth every single day?  <3

I can only encourage you to view this incredible video. The rest is up to you ;)



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Source: Oprah Super Soul Sessions. Thank you Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith for sharing this beautiful message. I am thankful to be a part of the Agape community…and what an honor it is to have Meditative Questions as a part of the Alice’s Quiet Mind Bookstore at Agape! <3