This morning I woke up and wanted to play Tetris (the 80’s video puzzle game), so I did.  As I played, I felt in control of the process. The tiles fell and I quickly put them in place. I breezed through the first eight levels. Even if I misplaced a piece, I had time to fix it by organizing other pieces around it.

But then, around level nine, I started making more mistakes. The pieces were falling too fast! I had huge gaps within the puzzle. The game quickly started getting out of control. Amazingly, I found some way to fix the mess. I felt accomplished…like I really did something.

Just as I got comfortable, the pieces started really flying around level twelve and a few misplaced pieces meant disaster. The pieces started piling really high, really fast. But I was determined. My heart rate increased a bit as the music got faster. I still managed to make a few lines as the pieces piled all the way to the top. And then it was over.

Thank goodness it was just a game ;)


Photo source: Tetris