I originally came to Houston with the idea that I would be here just a few weeks ago…but that was almost three months ago! A series of (fortunate) events have kept me here and it’s been a really beautiful experience. I’ve met so many wonderful, beautiful people! And it’s been a delight for me to share my books with beautiful beings here, through events that have just sort of come up!

As an independent artist, with an independent publishing company  (that I created — ZenTao Books), taking a book from idea to finished product is a complete rollercoaster! Believing in an idea enough to commit to it, and then continuing forward through various doubts (will anyone gain something from this?!), fears (will I run out of money making this?!), perfectionist-based-worries (will I ever get this cover right?!), and external realities is a lot! It’s something that I think all creatives go through, and it’s one of the reasons why I try to support other creatives that I meet (even still, I sometimes have the next-day worry that perhaps I should have done more, but that is impractical and impossible, so it’s a thought I let wash away).

There are a host of costs that go into creating art (for a book, this can include design fees, licenses for cover art, websites, copyright fees, ISBNs, printing, etc.) and sometimes it can seem overwhelming for an independent artist (who typically pays for these fees out of their own pocket!). But I can say that everyone who takes time to even look at the art and say a kind word is watering an artist. Those who feel inspired to go the extra step to purchase the art is like the sun…not only are they paying the highest compliment possible to an artist, they are also helping the artist to cover costs for the art that has been created AND they are helping provide a pathway (spiritually and financially) for the artist to make more art. This is all a beautiful exchange of love and energy.

So, as you consider supporting an independent artist, I can only invite you to see your purchase as adding water and sunlight to a flower. Even if you don’t fully vibrate with what you’re seeing, perhaps you have a peek at a flower early in bloom and you can see the beauty that is unfolding. Your watering will help that flowering, and perhaps you know someone who will appreciate that stage of the bloom. Gifting independently made art is a dual gift that is based in love.

To all, I give my sincere thanks! You are my sun and rain and I thank you for cheering me on as I continue to grow!


So much love,

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Photo grid: 16 March 2019, at The Shrine of the Black Madonna in a Houston, Texas USA