As we wake up to the reality that Donald Trump is the next President of the United States, many of us are in shock. This reality seemed an outside possibility, at best. We hoped that moral decency would win out to racism, sexism, and xenophobia. We hoped that love would win over fear.

But the reality is that a storm had been brewing in our country. There were strong undercurrents of hatred and fear that were evidenced by violent shootings and police brutality, and hinted at by the true lack of diversity in the leadership of corporate CEO’s in America (I can only think of one woman CEO of a major corporation off the top of my head — Marissa Mayer of Yahoo, who I feel gets routinely thrown under the bus, whether deserving of it or not. There are actually more than that, and here’s a list…but I still think it’s too short.) To say that America was not ready for a woman President would not be far fetched. Misogyny still lives. To say that America truly embraced its diversity would require avoiding the facts. It turns out that the majority of Americans wanted to turn back the clock, and they have gotten their wish.

However, as we face this new day, there is another point to consider: Tearing down everything and starting over requires vision. Rebuilding requires work. What seems like the end is really just a new beginning.

That sentiment applies to us. As we face this new reality, the responsibility for determining our future still remains in our hands. We have a blank canvas, and we must decide how we will paint it. What is our vision for our future? What kind of life do we want for ourselves and our families, regardless of the government? That vision may include outreach to unify underrepresented groups in society…or it may entail exploring opportunities outside of the country.

Now, more than ever, is the time to explore a new reality. If this election has shown us anything, it’s that there is no more business and politics as usual. This is a new day. And we must take steps to preserve our sanity and think outside the box. We cannot lose all hope.

This year is the year of the Monkey….and to me, it represents the chaotic and mischievous way of the monkey. It is a year intended to shake things up and allow us to see the true nature of others — and ourselves. As such, it can be a painful year because we must face things as they truly are. It is a year of great change. And therefore, it leads to times of exponentially new realities.

It is easy to succumb to fear of the future. But remember that each decision and action you take today effectively creates the future. If you choose, instead, to see the great possibilities and opportunities that life has to offer (far beyond the borders of a country), we understand that we must dream bigger.

If Donald Trump’s win teaches us anything, it is that anything is possible. May you apply that logic to your own life and live as only you have imagined. May the world come together and embrace our oneness. May we find a way to love in the midst of fear.