I was reminded by social media that I have made some big announcements on this day in history…last year, I announced my move to Africa…in 2015, I met Oprah…and in 2013, I launched this website!  Perhaps every three years (2014, this year) I need rest haha But I am happy to report my good health :) A true blessing.

So, all of this got me thinking about one’s life path. I am sure that I could not have predicted my living situation back then (outside of a joking declaration that I was going to sell everything and move to an island haha). I had a feeling that I would write a book, but I didn’t know when. (I have a feeling that I will write another book, but I don’t know when.)

While I think it’s true that our current actions create our future situations, I think we tend to put too much pressure on ourselves. I’ve found that inspiration comes when it wants to…we just have to be ready for it. I think that readiness is an openness to something we had not previously considered that just feels like the right choice.

Now whether we judge that choice to be “right” or “wrong” in the future does not change the fact that choice was need for our growth. Something that we experienced was necessary for our evolution.

Sometimes, I find myself getting caught up in trying to make plans for the future, but days like this remind me that the future takes care of itself. It leads us beyond where we could have imagined, if only we remain open and thankful. That sense of gratitude allows positive vibes to manifest. We are then able to channel the limitless potential of the divine that lives within us all.