As I hike through the Valley of Paul today, I keep thinking of truth. Of how some people go through extraordinary measures to avoid telling the truth and end up causing far more damage than if they would have told the truth in the first place.

Of how we lie to ourselves. How we avoid facing reality to save ourselves from the pain. But these delay tactics don’t really work. Eventually we have to face reality.

And of how we hide our truth. Of how we avoid pursuing our dreams because of what others might think. We hesitate before sharing our art because we worry of what others might think of us. We become scared of failing. But if we don’t try, isn’t that really failing?


I write these words as I sit (under a tree) near a stream by the side of the path. The water flows, unconcerned with any obstacles in its path. The water brings life and gives life. Its true nature is simply to flow. When we live in truth, we give life to ourselves. When we speak truth (and live in alignment with that truth), we give life the others. Hiding yourself and your true nature benefits no one. Shrinking from your truth out of fear is a disservice to everyone.

Telling the truth is hard because we fear who we might hurt or disappoint. But if we understand how much more we hurt ourselves and others by not telling the truth, we understand that we must be truthful. It becomes easy and then we understand that life is only as hard as we make it. Everything starts with being honest with ourselves. Once we do that, we must have the courage to share that truth with others in whatever form it takes. Then life becomes a dance and we are free to flow and just be.