While out mountain biking today in Cabo Verde, it’s impossible not to think of ups and downs while powering up some incredibly steep inclines and coasting down some equally steep hills (the fun part!!).

Is it more fun to coast down the hill because of the work put in to climb up? I don’t know for sure. But I know that life is this way. Often we feel like we’ve been climbing forever. And then we hit the top of the hill and get to glide. Do you enjoy the glide or do you use that time to figure out how you are going to get up the next hill?

Sometimes it only requires a change of perception to realize we are already where we want to be. And that we already have all we need.

The ups and downs do make things interesting. They strengthen us and allow us to experience the feeling of freedom. But if you hold on to the feeling of struggle while coasting, the flavor of the experience will be entirely different.

How you choose to experience the journey is always up to you. I always say choose freedom…which always requires letting go. ;)