Despite obstacles, water continues to flow. Rain increases its power. Because of its constant movement, water can make even the sharpest rock smooth. 

When we face challenges in life, often our first reaction is to stop everything and withdraw from everyone. We may want to stay in bed and resist facing the world. But in reality, there is power in movement. There is power in connecting with others. Separation is the biggest illusion. Consistent action will help you to achieve any goal.

If you remove the boulder, even a river will change its course.

Change is inevitable. While we can become accustomed to life going in one direction, this will not always be the case. People change, situations change, we change. As water simply adjusts to various changes, so must we.

Nature gives us all of the cues that we need to live. A living leaf connected to its life source on the tree is flexible and pliable. The dead leaf on the ground is rigid and can be easily broken into a million pieces.

Continue to flow with nature, adjust your course as needed, and be flexible with life. Embrace change and continue to move. Connection with positive forces can propel you forward at a faster rate. Just keep going ;)


Photo source: Falling water