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February 10, 2013


DEAR SAGE: Ok so at the beginning of the school year, I developed a crush on the boy in my class. So I told my best friend. She had also developed a crush on the same guy! But she never told me until a couple weeks ago! So a couple weeks ago, I heard that the boy that I had a crush on was gonna ask my best friend out!!!!! And guess what she said…. YES!!!!!!

So after she said yes, I got really mad at her because she knew that I had a huge crush on him!!! I really don’t trust her as a friend anymore! But she has done so many more things that really hurt my feelings! it’s not just this incident!!! I don’t know what to do… I REALLY LIKED HIM!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :*

DEAREST LOVE: O.M.G! This is a tricky situation! Let me ask you a question…what would have happened if your crush asked you out and you said yes? What would that have been like for your friend? It is dangerous business to base a friendship on which one of you the guy picks! Someone is going to lose in that situation. True friendships are based on how you treat each other…it should not be about people outside of your friendship. Crushes come and go, best friends are true friends that are there for you through all of that!

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February 10, 2013


Ludovico Einuadi (1955-present) is a brilliant, contemporary pianist. His music is hauntingly beautiful. He began composing music as a teenager and (thankfully) continues to share his beautiful compositions.

February 10, 2013


We are all given gifts. Life’s adventure is to discover those gifts and have the courage to share those gifts with others, in harmony with nature.  This is merely a way of extending love. In the process, love is received. So really, life’s purpose is rooted in love. Enjoy the ride! :)   Photo source: courage

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