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February 26, 2013


When we are younger, we are encouraged to decide what we want to be when we grow up. As a child, we may have wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, firefighter or rock star…without really knowing why.

This dream becomes a seed that is either watered or neglected. In the most fortunate situation, a child’s parents and teachers will help to cultivate this dream and find opportunities [camps, museums, etc.] to expose him/her to this field. When neglected, a child is [untruthfully] told why their dream is impossible.

Depending on how these factors effect a child, dreams are pursued, changed or deferred. We may discover that what we once dreamed about as a child was not what we really wanted. Or we may harbor regret for not pursuing what we once loved. I am here to tell you that it is never too late to become what you once dreamed.

There are no limits except those we place on ourselves. 

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February 26, 2013


As children of the Creator, we have the power to create our own Heaven or Hell on Earth. The following Zen parable illustrates: A criminal, well known for his savagery, came to the young monk and demanded that he teach him about Heaven and Hell. The young monk replied, “I will teach you nothing. You – Read More –

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