I have been blessed in my life not only with wonderful family and parents, but also absolutely amazing extended family. This evening I had the pleasure of speaking with my second mother/Auntie, who I love dearly!, and we had a beautiful spiritually based conversation. She taught me about the five controls that we all have should have over ourselves:

1. Money control

2. Time control

3. Thought control

4. Control of Senses

5. Self control

Money is a resource we must respect as it can be used to benefit others (e.g. food for the poor) or harm ourselves (e.g. gambling). By being stingy with ourselves (by avoiding using the resource for things we really don’t need) and generous with others, we are able to share God’s blessings.

Time is a resource that we can never get back. Through spending our time wisely, we can make the most of life and limit our regrets.

Controlling our thoughts is so incredibly important. Our thoughts become our reality and influence how we perceive the world around us. By focusing on cultivating positive thoughts, we create a more positive world.

By have control over our senses…especially what we eat and say and how we use the sense of touch, we create a path for our health that can be either positive or negative. Through eating fresh foods and saying kind things, we create a healthy state. However, negative speech, processed foods, and promiscuity can dramatically alter our lives in a negative way.

Through exercising self control, we allow ourselves an opportunity to reflect and ensure we are making positive and healthy choices. For whatever energy we put into the world is what we will get in return.

Thank you for these beautiful lessons, Auntie!

Photo source: Chichen Itza, Mexico by Monsoon Photo

Author note: This post is dedicated to the beautiful union of S&S with hopes that they may continue to love and support each other, with these controls in mind, to have a healthy and happy union. <3 :)