Though the process of traveling is not always the easiest (who really wants to deal with airport security? airplane food scares me! and travel can come with sticker shock.), I always appreciate its ability to instantly shift your perspective.

Now that I find myself in mainland China, I’m immediately struck by the taste of pollution in the air, hectic vibes (my private car from the airport came close to several accidents and I endured endless car honking!), and feeling extremely thankful for my nice hotel amidst the chaos.

In a land that has become a super power from the wealth derived from manufacturing, you have the instant sense that nature was forgotten in the process. (I hear there are Oxygen bars here…and as crazy as it sounds, I would love to visit one!) And though it’s a “People’s Republic”, you don’t get the sense that the government is really for the people. Freedom of speech does not appear to be a reality…I’ve already had difficulties with consistent Google access…and there is no Facebook, YouTube or Twitter access  in China (omg!).

It might already be time to Just kidding. I’m looking forward to interacting with the people here…hopefully there won’t be too much lost in translation.

Photo source: sunrise in the office