This has been a LOVEly month! I was so fortunate to be visited by my amazing, wonderful, brilliant, and beautiful sister Camille and her fantabulous NYC family right after my Asia trip! So happy that I got to spend time with my AMAZEBALL nieces (<3!! to my Leyla and Tashi!)…we had so much fun! :)

Theeeeen two wonderful friends got engaged (Yay Cam and Rosa!!)…and last night two other friends tied the knot (Congrats Ragga and John!!)!! And amazingly before I went to the wedding, I got a chance to see my recently engaged (fifth sister haha) Shradha and her fiance Sunny! And this week, my grandparents will celebrate their 61…SIXTY-FIRST!…wedding anniversary! :)!! OMG! So much love in the air! :)

So the purpose of this post is basically to acknowledge that life is good…LOVE is great…and this has been an amazing month! Let’s continue this trend!! :)


p.s. LOVE this vivian green tune :)