Before traveling back to the USA, I stopped over for a couple of days in the Azores Islands…on the island of Terceira.

It was a beautiful place, with lovely landscapes and a very small town feel. The island was neat and clean with the cutest houses! It was all very quaint…and the owners of the bed/breakfast quinta that I was staying at even kindly picked me up from the airport! The flight arrived two hours late and all of the restaurants were closed by then, but they took me to a food truck for dinner and it was great! It was a lovely welcome.

The quinta (the term used for the large house on a farm) was lovely and I took an early morning walk to see the area (the photo was taken looking out from the quinta).

I enjoyed my brief stay on the island and I’m thankful for the quiet, peaceful moments experienced between traveling from one large city (Lisbon) to another (Boston).