Soooo, while in Lisbon, I decided to travel to Boston to surprise my niece for her 17th birthday! She was at Harvard this summer to take classes (yes, she’s brilliant!) and my sister/brother-in-law traveled down to kindly take her and some of her friends to dinner. Under the rouse of arranging dessert for the dinner, I was able to get the details of the time and location from my unsuspecting sister haha Showing up at the dinner with my niece’s favorite dessert was such a happy moment! I am so glad that I was able to pull it off!! :)

Beyond the surprise, I’m fortunate to have great friends in Boston…and I was lucky enough to make some new ones! It was a fun, though brief, visit…and only strengthened my ideas about returning to America. Good friends and fun can do that! ;)


Photo: Exiting the train at Harvard station as I went to find an Italian bakery for my niece’s birthday surprise! <3 #July12