I have been back on my island of Santo Antao for almost a month now (!!), but it just feels like I’m starting to catch my breath! What a wonderful whirlwind it’s been as I’ve traveled around the world continually for the past year! I am still processing all of my incredible adventures, and feeling immense gratitude for all of the beautiful people I’ve seen and met! It’s been such a wonderful gift and I’m thankful.

Today, I met the loveliest couple, visiting my island from America (!!), and I so enjoyed taking them around the area a bit! (Obrigada, Star, for snapping the wonderful photo I’ve used for this post!) The Universe arranges situations and places people in our paths in ways that we could never imagine! Today, I was also reminded that when your original plans don’t work out…and you feel a shift to do something you hadn’t planned on doing…just go with the flow. Let life guide you…it is so much more magical that way!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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