Can you imagine a pilot flying a plane with every piece of the passengers’ luggage tied to their back?? I know, it seems completely absurd…but this is the analogy that came to my mind on this early morning in Mindelo Haha

In the same way, can you imagine a bird flying with its nest tied to its back? Equally crazy, right?

So how is it that we expect to fly with all of our emotional baggage tied to our backs? Why do we think we can rise with the crushing weight of doubt and other people’s opinions held tightly to our person? The truth is this: We can only rise up if we let go of these things—and any other perceived limitations that we might have.

When we see amazing stories of people with no legs that can walk, or people playing sports with no hands, we are amazed because these things did not seem possible—to us. But for the one doing them, limiting beliefs had to be discarded in order to accomplish that which once seemed impossible.

So let us suspend our doubts, choose not to believe in our perceived limitations, and simply imagine ourselves as we most want to be—free from all burdens. Let us allow this imagined reality to feel possible so that we will move forward in the direction of this dream…with actions that are in true alignment with this vision.

As always, I wish you peace and freedom…both are your birthright, so therefore both are always available to you. Remember that we are only required to make a choice, and then live in a manner consistent with that choice.



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