Amazingly this post will mark my 420th in the one year since launching the site! I appreciate (more than I can articulate) all of the support and love you’ve shared…and continue to share! You inspire me :)

As I reflect on this amazing journey, I’m in yet another hotel room…this time in the Bay (hence the title ;) I’m so fortunate to have brilliant friends in this area who help remind me of who I am and what I love to do!  While I love to think creatively and live outside of the “box” — questioning the status quo and searching for opportunities to do things differently comes naturally — I find that to have an opportunity to inspire someone to live their dreams or live life with less stress feels like purpose.  Though I may not always have the right answer (I know…I can’t believe I just typed that either! ha!), coming up with the ideas to get there is a wonderful process for me. The challenge for the person on the receiving end is always to just do it! Nike nailed the slogan…but I think the only way to do it is to truly trust/believe/understand that Heaven lies within (I had to give the Selena Sage slogan and logo press too! ;) With this understanding comes the courage needed to forge ahead.

So, with that thought in mind, I decided to look back ha! I browsed through my first month of posts from 2013 (you can click here to view those too!), and Wow am I impressed with myself haha! In fact my very first post was to start anywhere…clearly I already all of the answers :)

Therefore, this year I’m going to challenge myself to continue on with this blog and start on new methods to inspire :) I’ll be working on some creative ideas and share those too! As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Hopefully you will also take a step or two in the direction of your dreams and share that too! :)


xo! ;)

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