As I write this post, I’m looking out onto Redondo Beach and feeling at home again. The ocean breeze, blue waters, and muted sun that is so familiar to me from my years living here are all so welcoming after being away for a year.

I am so thankful and fortunate that I’m getting closer to “normal” after the whirlwind travel I’ve had over the past months. The experience in Monte Sahaja, and some allergies I experienced in Boston (from my dear friend’s cats!) are all behind me and I’m thankful. Now that I’ve had the chance to eat all of my favorite foods that I could get on the island, I’m more motivated to regain my fitness haha After finding a great new gym, I feel that I’m on the right track ;)

But the best part of Cali has always been the people! So great to be back among my tribe and grateful to be surrounded by the love of friends and chosen family :) My nephew constantly gives me new life!

As I think back on all of my travels and the nomadic life I’ve lead for the past few years, I’m simply thankful. That I’ve been able to (safely) travel so freely around the world is an enormous blessing and I’m so grateful. Though I feel like the same person, I know that I am not. My view on life has been expanded and all I endeavor to do now is to have more faith. I know that I have a tendency to try to create my own reality…but I’ve come to learn that reality always creates itself. All I have to focus on is allowing myself to be open and continue to participate in the unfolding…knowing that everything is going to be alright.



Photo: Redondo Beach from my mobile phone.