So I decided to start this holiday morning off with a little Harry Potter :)

As I was re-watching The Order of the Phoenix, I saw this scene of the Weasley twins breaking free of Hogwarts just after a confrontation with the (evil) Professor Umbridge and it resonated with me…

In the scene before, the twins were consoling a child who had just been tortured by Umbridge. When Umbridge tries to justify her actions, Fred and George say the following:

Fred Weasley: You know, George, I’ve always felt out futures lay outside the world of academic achievement.
George Weasley: Fred, I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing. 

This video caused me to think of how we can sometimes needlessly suffer in situations that are completely within our control (e.g. stressful jobs, toxic relationships, etc.). I’m thankful to characters like the Weasley twins that break free of the matrix and remind us it’s not that serious :)

 …and that we are only a decision away from freedom ;)