As we enter a new year, let us burn all of the doubts, fears, and anxieties that we felt in 2018. Let us celebrate our resilience as we overcame all that threatened to tear us down in the days past… and may we recognize that, like a phoenix, we continue to rise from the ashes of all that we’ve left behind.

New years are simply markers of time that encourage us to take a moment to recollect times spent in the previous year, and make plans for the next year. In our recollections, let us look with gratitude for all of our experiences and let us recognize our own growth. As we move forward, let it be with a spirit of gratitude and excitement for all of the goodness that will continue to manifest in our grateful hearts.

Today, I am reminded of Mooji’s wise words that “life takes care of life,” and I am humbled with deep gratitude for the many ways that I was taken care of in 2018. I am thankful for you. I choose to keep hope in my heart for all of the beautiful things to come in 2019, and I wish you peace, prosperity, freedom, and joy in the days and years to come.



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