February 23, 2017


This morning, social media reminded me that on this day, three years ago, I was in China. I still remember looking out of the window from my hotel room in Kunshan to see this disgusting pollution. I definitely did not want to get up or go outside. I don’t know if I have ever admitted – Read More –

February 18, 2017


Even when the familiar is not good for us, it can become comfortable simply because it is a known quantity (the unknown somehow seems scarier). We somehow adapt and learn to live in dysfunction. But this can only happen when we have an unclear vision of who we really are. I believe that we are – Read More –

September 17, 2016


Before leaving for my month long trip to Thailand for Muay Thai training, I was inspired to do so by one picture (below). For you see, I was having a really bad day…followed by a sleepless night…and I knew I had to do some things differently. The discomfort was because I needed to let go, – Read More –

August 26, 2016


Despite obstacles, water continues to flow. Rain increases its power. Because of its constant movement, water can make even the sharpest rock smooth.  When we face challenges in life, often our first reaction is to stop everything and withdraw from everyone. We may want to stay in bed and resist facing the world. But in – Read More –

August 16, 2016


Writing now from Koh Samui, Thailand and reflecting on the life of a traveler. When traveling, I always meet kindred spirits…people that feel more connected to life (somehow) while on the move. From the outside looking in, it probably seems to others that we are running from something…running from life. But as I think about – Read More –

August 9, 2016


Sometimes when we invest so much into an idea, person, or life, we focus our attention on attainment. When we get what we so desired, we then focus our attention on maintaining. But when do we stop to ask ourselves if this is what we really wanted?  Getting what we think we want is always – Read More –

July 10, 2016


America is often called the “Land of the free,” but ‘America’ was founded as a result of the slaughter of millions of Native Americans. ‘America’ was built by slaves, brought to the nation, mostly from Africa, against their will. Even after the Emancipation Proclamation, the slaves and their descendants were never truly granted equal rights. – Read More –

June 4, 2016


Life is fleeting, and sometimes it seems that there is no end to worries. Every small thing becomes big and we somehow put off feeling happy until some later date … or until we achieve some future accomplishment. But this is not life. This is simply a cycle of suffering. In those fruitless moments of – Read More –

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