This morning, social media reminded me that on this day, three years ago, I was in China. I still remember looking out of the window from my hotel room in Kunshan to see this disgusting pollution. I definitely did not want to get up or go outside. I don’t know if I have ever admitted this, but I went a step beyond that. I took out my personal computer and started drafting a resignation letter from my job haha! And then I took it a step beyond that and started drafting a fictional story of a woman who quit her job and moved to an island (I think it was Fiji or Bora Bora haha!) to start a jet ski business with the love of her life (who she met on the island). Haha!

My imagination runs away with me sometimes ;) I remember that I had to stop writing the story before I actually sent off the letter haha! (True story.) I felt intuitively that it wasn’t time to move on from that job yet.  It just so happens that a year (and a month) after this trip to China, I ended up writing what was to become my first book during a work trip around Asia. I would not trade the experience of writing and publishing my book for that extra year of work. Or the extra year it took me after writing the book to move to an island ;)

What I mean to say with all of this is that I have learned that God’s timing is often different than our own. Our subconscious, spirit nature gives us glimpses into the future and the past because it is not bound by time.

Our spirit is not bound by time.

(Author note: I’d actually considered making this thought another post, but I’m just going to flow with it ;)

I remember doing a sound healing session with my friend Christina in LA (thanks to my bella, Sara, for introducing us!). This was a unique treatment…I will try to paint a picture: I was laying on a bed, surrounded on both sides by very large chimes that ran beyond the length of the bed. It was sort of like being in the middle of a xylophone.  My eyes were closed as she gently activated the chimes and somehow the sound carried on infinitely, without end. I felt myself float away.

I don’t know how long this went on, but at some point she gently said, “Ok, now it is time to come back into your body.” I literally felt myself obeying and coming back into my body. I’d felt this sensation before during acupuncture treatments (when the light was turned on, after being in the dark for an hour haha…a much more dramatic welcome back to one’s body), but I’d never really thought about it. I was so intrigued that I asked her to please expand on what she just said.

Christina explained to me that the sound was infinite…just like our spirit. She encouraged me to reflect on that infinite feeling and use it to understand my true nature. Wow.

I’ve explored this more in the context of dreams, but I have much more to discover :)

So in an attempt to connect and complete this post (haha) and bring things full circle, I’ll just say that we must have faith in timing and realities beyond our current understanding. I always appreciate when Steve Jobs said that you cannot connect dots into the future…you can only connect them when you look back. Circumstances and situations somehow came together to create a reality that you could not have originally imagined. And oftentimes, one could say the experience is even better than imagined :)

Having faith in the way things are allows one to have patience as things come together to achieve the highest good. Spirit is infinite, and so, too, are the possibilities for our lives. Do not worry. Instead, live the moments and do only what you need to do, when you need to do it. Life will take care of itself, because an infinite Source is taking care of life ;)


when tired, sleep.

when hungry, rest.

fools will laugh at me,

but the wise will know what I mean.




Photo source: My mobile phone in China, Feb 2014