“Change is challenging.” – L.E.E.

It is very easy to get “stuck” in familiar routines. We may stay in a job that negatively impacts our health or carry on in a relationship that is a constant struggle because we convince ourselves that the current situation is better than the (imagined worse) alternative.

Change can be scary when we imagine how things can get worse. But what about considering how they can be better?  What if you performed work that fulfilled your sense of purpose and had a relationship that was supportive and nurturing?

I believe that we are subconsciously taught not to expect too much from life. Our self limiting beliefs can place us in a prison of our own making. We don’t feel that we can become free. The reality is that we are always one decision away from freedom. The possibilities for our lives are limitless.

The best part about change is that if the new experience quite what we expected, we change change again!

Photo source: Nirvana by Francesco Riccardo Iamcomino (photo taken in Iceland)