I had not been to a yoga class in years before yesterday…I’m more of a meditator ;) I think yoga is a beautiful practice, however I find that the studios have the capacity to overheat me! Nonetheless, a friend kindly invited me to attend his class so I went for it.

Before the class began, I asked a couple of ladies that were there where I might find a mat. In socks, I walked to the area they indicated. As I was walking back, I stepped on a few mats to avoid interrupting their conversation. One of the ladies politely, but with a slight trace of annoyance, said, “You don’t step on other people’s mats. It’s yoga etiquette.” I replied, with a smile, saying, “Oh, thank you. It has been a few years since I was in a class.”

But the question that came to my heart was, “How enlightened can one really be if one is irritated by others walking on their mat…in socks?”  It was a good lesson for me to consider during the practice. ;)

It was a lovely class!




Photo source: Goddess Meditating