Storm (of the X-Men) has always been my favorite superhero! Her ability to channel the elements, fly, and speak in such a succinct and powerful way…not to mention her beauty and focus on always doing the right thing…made her stand out among all other superheroes.

Recently, while reading Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Law of Superheroes I came across a section describing how Storm illustrates the reality that we are all one. He explains it thus:

Your body is in dynamic exchange with all living bodies, including plants and animals, and with the earth, air, and water through the acts of breathing, digestion, metabolism, and elimination. We are all members of a single body. Our bodies are also part of a single energy field, one with the universal energy field. The energy field is also a universal information field that localizes as thoughts through relationships. Our breath is one with the atmosphere of planet earth. One breath, one energy and information field, one body, one mind, and one consciousness. In other words, at the deepest level we are all one.

Like Storm from the X-Men, who counts monsoon rains, blizzard squalls, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, blinding mists, and even solar and cosmic tempests that disrupt the electromagnetism of the world…among her powers. Storm is like the Greek god Zeus, who hurls lightning bolds at his enemies…or his brother Poseidon, capable of generating tidal waves in the seas over which he rules…or even God in Genesis, who in his disgust over the wickedness of humankind sends a great flood to ruin the earth. Storm’s superpower comes from her connection to the universal Self, which is the power of consciousness itself. It is the source of all creation and destruction, the truth at the heart of the universe from which all things emerge and return.

In one battle Storm faces with a superhero named Eternity, she states, “There’s more to it than simply possessing superpowers. To be [a superhero] means possessing a strength of will — of self-identity — that nothing can subvert.”

To Storm and most superheroes, the world is like a looking glass. Everywhere they look, even in nature itself, they see themselves. With this realization come the fundamental understanding that boundaries are false and a newfound ability to see through the walls of our self-made limitations. Superheroes understand that all boundaries are conceptual and not based in reality. For example, borders between nations (say, between Canada and the United States, or the United States and Mexico) are a human conceptual idea. There is no line in nature that divides nations or oceans. The earth is a single organism and an expression of the total universe.

Knowing this, superheroes do away with all boundaries. Their sense of identity is not “I am this” or “I am that” but “I am everything and everyone” and “I am the universe.” The result is an ability to see the world as whole and to understand the true nature of all that surrounds us. This skill is key to unlocking the potential within ourselves and within the universe. Without it, we will always be limited by a set of beliefs. Once discovered, the Law of Transformation literally changes everything. We begin to tap into an instinctive and intuitive source of wisdom and power that has the ability to transform every day, every interaction, and every moment into a creative and evolutionary moment.

When people are connected with their superhero self, in touch with their true essence, they not only have the ability to change the world, they have an obligation to.


Photo source: Storm