I like this comic…it reminds of the puzzle I faced when I first began studying Eastern wisdom traditions. When one is studying Zen or the Tao, it can be confusing to constantly be reminded to “do nothing” or “go with the flow.” Does that mean you’re actually supposed to do nothing??

My short answer to that question is no. But as with most things, I think it’s best explained within the context of something else. Consider breathing…your body automatically processes the oxygen you inhale and expels carbon dioxide without you having to do anything. Your body just does what it’s “supposed” to do according to nature.

In the same way, when you are prompted by your spirit to do something (in harmony with nature), you should just do it automatically. If you want to be a writer, write. If you’re feeling a pull to do the dishes, do the dishes. Mindfully and consciously do the things that you need to do in order to be fully present (e.g. if you are doing the dishes, focus all of your attention on the dishes, the water, and the soap and keep your mind from wandering to other things). Each action you take will then automatically become meditative.

Going with the flow is not always easy simply because we fight what should be natural. We postpone, procrastinate and de-prioritize the seemingly unimportant…while ignoring our inner voice…and often create our own chaos.

Many a life coach would tell you that if you want to figure out your life, clean out your closet (or your garage, your desk, or any other place you constantly tell yourself you “need” to clean). There’s a correlation. Through doing “nothing” (naturally following your inner voice), you’ll find that everything will be done.