When we are younger, we are encouraged to decide what we want to be when we grow up. As a child, we may have wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, firefighter or rock star…without really knowing why.

This dream becomes a seed that is either watered or neglected. In the most fortunate situation, a child’s parents and teachers will help to cultivate this dream and find opportunities [camps, museums, etc.] to expose him/her to this field. When neglected, a child is [untruthfully] told why their dream is impossible.

Depending on how these factors effect a child, dreams are pursued, changed or deferred. We may discover that what we once dreamed about as a child was not what we really wanted. Or we may harbor regret for not pursuing what we once loved. I am here to tell you that it is never too late to become what you once dreamed.

There are no limits except those we place on ourselves. 

In this brief time on Earth, why waste any time being what someone else wants you to be? Why be unhappy? Find what you love and pursue it with all of your mind, heart, and spirit. This is your life. Choose to live it your way.

So dare to dream again. Become a child once more and believe that anything is possible. Do not place any limits on yourself. And have the courage to DO WHAT YOU LOVE! You CAN do anything! Pick the dream that excites you the most and get started on it! Then keep going. You will be led in the right direction…just have faith.

Photo source: a door within every obstacle