The plane of worry, fear, and doubt is like a stagnant pool of water. Disease breeds in stagnant water. This is a lower realm, and it’s easy to rest in this space. The mind is free to stay constantly busy analyzing worries, fears, and doubts while supplying other evidence to confirm what you believe to be true.

Elevating your energy above this plane is an active step. When you knowingly detach from the lower plane and move into a space without those worries, fears, and doubts, your mind becomes free. Here, everything flows and you’ve entered a creative space. If you welcome inspiration, it will join you. But if you become bored, or feel like you’re not accomplishing anything in this higher state, your mind will naturally drift back down to the lower realm. In that realm, it has many things to do.

The mind loves to be ‘busy.’ But busyness is the opposite of peace. Peace is stillness. It is not allowing the energy of your body to be hijacked by lower (lesser) energies. Be still is a Bible verse that is coming into my awareness at present. Meditation, too, is about being still and settling the mind. But even in meditation, one can focus on breathing or mantras to assist your mind with ascending to another plane (I recently saw an excellent video about this, which I think is deserving of its own post).

We must first have an awareness that we are actively in the lower energy plane of worry, fear, and doubt. Anxiety is an indicator that we might be in this space. Often, the energy we express in this fear based state is toxic. It can drive positive energy away from us. Remember, we only get what we give. Light is life. Be light.

It is worth saying that though there may be evidence to substantiate our lower energies, when we actively move to the higher plane, we are assured that everything will happen in its own time. We are assured that we will make the correct decisions when we need to make them. We understand that these lessons are intended to teach us something. We find peace.

Remember, peace is an inside job. External sources can only grant you temporary distraction. The Kingdom of Heaven lies within. Every creation carries pieces of the Creator. When we recognize our divine nature, worry becomes nonsensical.

I wish you stillness and peace.



Photo source: blue sky