In Buddhism, ‘monkey mind’ is often used to refer to the endless chatter of the mind. There is an excellent video on YouTube, click here, in which Mingyur Rinpoche (a Tibetan Buddhist Master) simply outlines a meditative approach to calm the monkey mind. So much appreciation for sharing meditation in such an accessible way!

The mind loves to be busy. Even when we wake, the first thing that may come to mind is all of the things we need to do! Stress can be caused by the mounting worry that we haven’t done all that we need to do. As a result, our day can become a blur as we get swept away in all of the activities we feel that we need to achieve. We lose touch with what is real and what really matters.

In these times, we simply need to take a breath. Meditative moments, as I like to call them, allow us to break the cycle of our monkey mind and be free. As we concentrate on our breath, we are centering ourselves in the present moment.

Peace is just a breath away ;)


Photo source: Buddhist monks meditating