It’s almost 1am…I am in my hometown of Austin…and I had the realization that it’s been weeks since I wrote a post! Since my last post, I’ve been to Ohio, New Jersey, New York, briefly LA, El Paso, and now Austin!! I’m tired but still very happy that I’ve been able to see family and friends throughout these travels. They were my primary motivation to continue on. Otherwise I  might have gone back home a long time ago lol

I’m not sure that I really have any profound thoughts at this time of night…but I keep reminding myself of the Zen wisdom: “When hungry, eat. When tired, sleep.”  I believe more and more that all of the wisdom of the universe is contained within that simple phrase haha

Today I also went to one of my all-time favorite bookstores (Half Price Books!!) and found some gems to add to my Zen collection :) When paging through one book, this quote caught my eye and was a great reminder to get more into the flow of things and not get caught up in plans and such:

You don’t make anything happen. Events happen by themselves. -Lao tzu

 This statement is quite freeing to me. It reminds me to relax! I hope you feel those vibes too ;)


Photo source: feeling tired by piet flour