Today, perhaps because it is a full moon, I have been deeply considering the concept of time.

It seems to be part of the human condition to feel we have so much time to do things…follow our dreams, fall in love, have a family, etc.

But really, none of the time we feel we have has been promised to us

There really is only now.

Would you put off going after your heart’s desire (professional or personal) if you knew you had only weeks left?

Would you really worry about the issue you are worrying about right now if tomorrow was your last day on Earth?

When one feels that they have infinite time, procrastination abounds and one can easily become trapped in the past. But really, who wants to waste time worrying when they know they are down to their final moments?

If you knew that you had only a year left, truly what would you do with that time? Travel the world? Write a book? Paint daily? Run a marathon? Marry a long time love? What is the gift inside that you know you are meant to share?

Considering time in a more finite sense can allow to get closer to our dreams…and have the courage to follow them….

And do it now.

Photo source: ring of fire by Clinton Milander