I’ve used the analogy of breathing before to illustrate that our body knows how to function on it’s own without interference. But a recent cut reminded me of how the body also knows how to heal itself.

Without having to do anything more than use an anti-biotic to prevent infection, I watched a cut on my arm go from a red gash to a minor blemish that is barely noticeable. I didn’t think about it or worry about it, I simply let my body heal itself.

In the same way, I considered different pains that we experience in life. When we say a prayer, cry, or do whatever we can to peacefully apply anti-biotic to the pain we may experience in life (so that it won’t infect us and our relationships), we have to also understand that the higher powers in the universe (God, the Creator, or however you wish to see it) will step in to do the rest. We don’t really have to do anything except let it go.

Though the passage of time can seem painfully slow, eventually we will come to a place where the previous pain is barely noticeable if we stop focusing on it. We also have to stop believing the stories we tell ourselves about the pain which only reinforces it.

We just can’t spend our lives re-attaching ourselves to the pain of the initial hurt — whatever it may be. Letting go means letting the natural healing occur. If a memory of the pain filters through our minds, we choose to question if it is even real or true and decide to become a different person without the belief in that thought. As Byron Katie reminds us, something becomes a fact only when we believe it.

Through living our lives and doing whatever it is we need to do in each present moment, without worry and attaching ourselves to that previous pain, we allow ourselves to be healed. The only moment we have is now.

We know we are fully healed when we forgive and move on. We decide to be responsible for the choices we are making and not lay blame on anyone else.

We become free of past hurts and move forward with a clean slate…everything is washed away…we have a new day.


Photo source: a new day. pure glass by CJ Kale